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The Internet Is Obsessed With Yahir Saldívar’s Songs – Here’s What We Know About the Singer

“Ando patrullando y en una mancha me miran, la chimichanga tengo mi gavilla…” If this intro sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Mexican singer Yahir Saldívar’s “SC-9,” also known as “La Chimichanga,” is going viral thanks to TikTok – and we can’t get the infectious cumbia melody out of our heads.

Are cumbia bélicas the next big thing? While it’s too early to tell, the Matamoros, Tamaulipas, singer is quickly becoming an artist to watch, repping over four million monthly listeners on Spotify already. On Feb. 24, he officially published the music video for “SC-9,” garnering over 16 million views to date. But get this: though the viral music video was released a month or so ago, it remains No. 9 on YouTube’s Top 100 Music Videos United States, solidifying the fact that the internet is currently obsessed over this new musical innovation. 

But that’s not all. Another viral hit on TikTok is his track “EL AFERRAAFTER” with Los Parna, Mc Window, and El Ca$h, with over 14.2 thousand videos on the platform.

Social media users can’t get enough of the singer’s vocals, which veer on uniquely nasal, on top of classic-sounding ‘90s cumbia-influenced songs. A TikTok user, @ncc1701c, wrote: “Dude recreated the phenomenal sound of the 90s cumbias.” Another TikTok user, @el_guercuh214, commented in Spanish: “the rhythm is old but with the bélicona lyrics it does hit 💯.”

Other social media users compared his song to emblematic cumbia artists like Grupo Toppaz, Grupo Bagdad de Matamoros, and Mister Chivo, which the artist clarified he’s a fan of. He commented in Spanish: “many criticize me but I like to do what I do and if I took their tones it was because I’m a big fan of topaz’ bagdag and misterio chivo I love that music.”

Not only are social media users loving his sound, but artists are also entranced by it. Santa Fe Klan praised Saldívar’s tunes and invited him to collaborate in the YouTube comment section of his “SC-9” music video: “Algo bien tus rolas carnalito 🇲🇽 amos a grabar unas cumbias juntos.” Santa Fe Klan would be a great collaborator in the cumbia space since he’s known to add cumbia flavor to his tracks such as “Cumbia De La Santa” and “Tú Y Tú” alongside Los Ángeles Azules and Cazzu. 

At the same time, Saldívar’s winning his fans over by performing for them in the streets. In a recent Instagram photo, he captioned: “Evento pa la raza de cora🫶🎶🎤.”

Check out the music video for “SC-9” below.