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Techno titan T78 walks the line between ‘Hell or Heaven’

In the realm of techno, T78 has stood as a stalwart figure for over a quarter of a century, forging a robust career marked by an innate musical prowess. Named as one of Dancing Astronaut’s 2023 Artists to Watch, he possesses an intuitive connection with the dancefloor and the cultivation of a truly distinctive sonic identity.

Adding another chapter to his musical legacy, T78 unveils his latest masterpiece, “Hell or Heaven,” a commanding 138-BPM techno juggernaut designed to shake the foundations of a Berlin-esque warehouse setting with its cathartic chants.

Released under his own imprint, Autektone, on October 2, 2023, “Hell or Heaven” emerges as a dark and pulsating anthem. A foundation of deep, rumbling basslines propels the rhythm forward, driven by a punchy kick drum and an intricate layer of percussions, creating a juxtaposition that mirrors the track name. As he reminisces on the creative formation of the single, T78 shares:

“Hell Or Heaven is a suggestive and enveloping cut, it has an appealing duality in which the breakdown makes you feel you’re in Heaven while the drop drags you to Hell. This single is about emphatic outbursts of unbelievable dissonance reminiscent of a rambling performance of “Carmina Burana” sung by a chorus of satan-worshipping cyborgs.”

Hell or Heaven is available to listen on streaming platforms, and for purchase via Beatport.

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