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Suns Of July Pour Their Generosity And Experiences All Over New Music Video “Beautiful You Are”

Suns of July recently premiered their new music video on New Hit Singles, a deeply moving and inspiring song entitled “Beautiful You Are”. “Beautiful You Are” is an anti-bullying anthem created to raise awareness with the community of children and educators worldwide. Below the music video, in the description, the band has listed phone numbers to call for cases of bullying in an impressive list of countries. Both beautiful and very useful, what Suns of July are doing is a masterclass for all other artists and musicians, especially the ones who have a stronger fame. 

The music video was shot at the Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School,” and focuses on sharing values of hope and inclusion rather than showing the horrors of bullying on-screen; a positive approach that should prove its efficiency and benefits over time. 

They will perform “Beautiful You Are” in many schools this month and the next, as audiences might not know that February is the “International Anti-Bullying Month”.