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Subtronics Continues His Reign With New Album ‘TESSERACT’

Electronic Music is all about the cutting edge, pushing boundaries, and evolution. The very best are forward-thinkers, who challenge themselves to constantly innovate. The scene is crowded with so much talent, and at the front of that crowd is Subtronics. Today he’s proving yet again to be the gold standard, as he has just released his third album, TESSERACT, via his label Cyclops Recordings.

After two years of hard work and dedication to the album, TESSERACT arrives in full form. It comes as a little bit of a surprise, even though he announced his tour of the same name back in September. Subtronics hadn’t officially announced the album release until just last week, giving fans very little time to prepare for what was coming. But the rollout couldn’t have been more sweet, as this album has everything not only Subtronics fans but EDM fans as a whole could need.

The album draws inspiration from the geometric spectacle of the tesseract, which is essentially a cube in a four-dimensional space. Meant to represent the connection between the third and fourth dimensions. Subtronics is taking this concept and putting it into this album by connecting genres through his eyes with his one of one sound design.

He starts off strong with drum n bass hit “Only Star You Can See”, then introduces the hip-hop infused “Afternoon Coffee (Slide)” with bars from Ronzo. He even goes into the house realm with “Dreams (Plasma Reflex)”. But if you are looking for traditional Subtronics face melters, “Amnesia” and “Asteroid” are for you. There is no title track but “Alien Communication” could best be seen as the one that represents the ethos of the album.

Subtronics also be kicking off his TESSERACT tour tonight in Minneapolis. You can check out the full list of tour dates here. Steam the full album below and enjoy!

Subtronics – TESSERACT

-Written By: JD Scribner
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