Plus more fashion news you missed, including a Mowalola pop-up in Shoreditch and the Woolmark Prize announces its 2022 batch of nominees

A great famine settled over the land and deep in the bowels of a Bavarian forest, two children are left to fend for themselves having been abandoned by their parents – simply for being too greedy. There, they fall into the hands of a witch, who lures them, bellies rumbling, into her gingerbread house, scratching for a taste of their sweet, plump flesh.

The tale of poor wee Hansel and Gretel has been repeated as a warning on the dangers of gluttony for centuries. And this Christmas, it has been memorialised by Swarovski and Richard Quinn, who have transformed the façade of Annabel’s in Mayfair into a glimmering cottage crafted from cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, and jellies. With Swarovski crystals vining around candy cane columns and dusted onto fiberglass, Quinn also redesigned uniforms for the club’s doormen, which now come with twee scalloped edges and twinkling embroidery. Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Head down to Berkeley Square for a taste.

In other news this week, Burberry and Marcus Rashford began to ring in the festive season, announcing that they would build 10 libraries in underprivileged schools, while Jacquemus teased a canned CBD beverage. Cardi B reached for a gold Schiaparelli facemask at the AMAs, while Gucci gave a hand to young jewellery designers. Elsewhere, it came as little surprise that Wednesday Addams (AKA Christina Ricci) was deigned a Marc Jacobs girl, while George at Asda actually did shock pundits, announcing a sale of archival Gucci.

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