SimiHaze Beauty has landed in the UK! Dazed Beauty sat down with Simi and Haze to discuss all things beauty

Last week, SimiHaze Beauty landed in the UK with a splash – a week-long pop-up in Selfridges at the Oxford Street flagship store. Modelled after the brand’s Velvet Blur lipstick vase, the pop-up offered shoppers a complete sensory experience and was the first time the products were sold in a brick and mortar location.

Even though the pop-up at Selfridges is now over, the full range of SimiHaze products is still available to buy in store including the Sun Flush All over Tint, Super Slick Lip Balm, Eye Play Gem Pack and more. Centred around the ethos of minimal-optimal beauty, the products are versatile, multi-use and designed to let your natural features to shine through.

Dazed Beauty recently caught up with Simi and Haze while they were in London to ask them about their inspirations, aspirations and more.

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Why did you decide to launch SimiHaze Beauty?

Haze: SimiHaze Beauty is for anyone thats on the go, who wants quality make-up with beautiful packaging that’s aesthetically pleasing and wants to add efficiency and beauty into their life without compromising either.

Name three things that inspire you or the collection.

Haze: For us, we’re inspired by the every day. Cities definitely inspire us, when we come to London we’re inspired by the nature of how cultural and historical the city is but how it is mixed with the new, modern generation and how they interact together. SimiHaze Beauty really takes on that play between the different paradoxes.

Simi: Colours. Colours are really inspiring to us.

Do you have a favourite colour? 

Haze: It changes every day. That’s why we have so many different colours in our brand. I love working with the primary colours making little accents of soft and harsh together. 

Simi: And the way that people lead their lives differently. That’s inspiring.

Haze: The way that everybody lives their lives differently but have the intention to create their own space and their own art. I think our brand really plays into the building of someone’s life in a sense and an aesthetic sense and a sense of lifestyle. And I think SimihHze Beauty is really about lifestyle.

What’s a lesson you learned the hard way while launching SimiHaze?

Haze: Definitely that having a good, solid team that really cares about you and about the products from the heart is the most important part of launching a brand.

Do you have a favourite product?

Simi: Right now my favourite is the yellow compact Solar Tint. It’s a blush duo, one side is matte and one side a little glossier. I use it every day.

Haze: I’m bringing an OG back. My favourite right now is the Saddle lipliner. It’s actually part of our first capsule, I’ve just started using it with just lip balm or even our Dune lipstick.

What would you say is overrated or underrated in the beauty scene? 

Haze: Overrated definitely too much make-up. Underrated is making sure that your skin shows through the make-up. I think that our make-up is supposed to highlight and accentuate your best features.

What is the future for Simihaze?

Simi: There’s so many more cool products. 

Haze: Yeah, we’re so impatient. We have hundreds of things that we want to do and there’s always a system we have to go through before anything gets released. We’re trying out all our products for a full year before you look at them to make sure that they’re 100 percent quality and the packaging is perfect for you guys.

Are you wearing anything unreleased at the moment?

Haze: No, today we’re classic!