Watch the Euphoria and White Lotus actress star in a surreal take on new year resolutions to celebrate Tory Burch’s Good Luck trainer collection

It’s that time of year again – the new year, a clean slate with endless possibilities… as well as endlessly arduous, empty promises and resolutions to better yourself or the world around you for 2022. 

Well, not for Sydney Sweeney. The star of Euphoria and White Lotus is over it – and in an effervescent and tongue-in-cheek campaign with Tory Burch, she tells us exactly how she plans to make her own luck.

The deliciously teasy, hyper-saturated, and surreal visual from Tory Burch and Dazed Studio celebrates the New York born and bred brand’s Good Luck trainer – an effortlessly cool, comfortable, and chic shoe. With a wishbone shape embedded in its sole to symbolise good luck, the trainer is stamped with the iconic Double T logo, and features the brand’s signature clean lines and warm colour palette across several iterations of the shoe. You’ll bounce with good support and good vibes thanks to the extra support from its oversized ergonomic sole and elongating deep ankle scoop. The innovative wishbone shape design encourages forward momentum as you walk, too – it’s the physical manifestation of luck being what you make of it.

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In the short film, Sydney starts by slamming through all the usual avenues to good fortune and luck, and sets out a plan of action for making your luck unstuck: “When opportunity comes knocking, how will you make your own luck?” With some surreally satirical vignettes, she cycles through the go-to resolutions: stopping swearing, exercising and hydrating, reading widely, expanding your consciousness. Though she’s flamboyantly failing, she’s pulling the looks: a soft, cornflower blue sweatshirt and joggers set paired with creamy trainers, an Edie Bouvier-esque headscarf and trench ensemble with TB-patterned tights, a 70s logo-stamped suit and matching shoes in a burgundy dream.

“I believe luck is a mixture of hard work, love, and timing,” Sydney tells us. “I always feel lucky when I get to go home and spend time with my family and see them smile.” 

The film is filled with delightful odes to good luck charms around the world – orchids bring you luck in the new year in Japan, while the Danes smash plates and the Spanairds eat red grapes. Beloved designer Tory – who includes Saweetie and Selena Gomez alongside Sydney as fans – has always been fascinated by symbols of good luck across continents and cultures. Her own personal tradition is carrying a red ribbon whenever she travels. 

Fashion and accessories compound some of people’s most intimate personal talismans. A family heirloom ring, a sentimental dress from a major life milestone. For Sydney, fashion is part of a lexicon for positive ways of thinking: An outfit that you feel confident in can always bring good energy. I am so lucky that I have the opportunities to explore myself and language through fashion.”

What’s Sydney’s own lucky charm, though? It has to be her adorable dog Tank. “The moment she came into my life, everything became brighter and had more purpose,” she shares. When it comes to her own solid resolutions for 2022, some elements of the film are true to life – well, as she hopes. “I need to sign up for Steps with Syd!” says Sydney. “I made a resolution to try and run every other day, no matter where I am in the world, and to learn a new language! I’ve bought every app, learning book, a label maker to label everything in my house with translations.”

While always having intentions to read more – and her White Lotus character shown to be a Joan Didion fan – Sydney has kicked off the year with some stellar reads, having just finished All Of Us Villains by Amanda Foody and Christine Herman when we speak. “You must go read,” she says. “I was transported into the world and didn’t want to leave! I also want to read more autobiographies.”

Speaking of the collaboration with Tory Burch, she says: “I’m a sneaker girl, so I love their trainers! They’re comfy, cute, and I can wear them casually or dressed up. I think I’ve always been drawn to the aesthetic world Tory Burch creates. From purses, shoes, clothing, home goods – it’s a world you could be in every day and everywhere.”

In a previous collab with Dazed, Tory Burch brought three women together to highlight their own relationships to the concept of luck for Good Luck Stories. In the series of visuals shot by Emily Lipson, Skate Kitchen member and Betty actress Ajani Russell, model Ella Snyder, and singer-songwriter Ashe share their talismans, affirmations, perspectives, and personal rituals to ​​explore the very personal and creative ideas around luck. Ultimately, Sydney and Tory Burch’s collaboration speaks to the joy and fun that comes with dressing well and making hopeful resolutions that propel you into good times and good luck. 

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