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Shakira Shows Support for Beyoncé at the Renaissance Tour — & Fans Are Losing It

Sixteen years after collaborating, it seems that Shakira and Beyoncé still have nothing but love for each other. The Colombian superstar sent Queen Bey a sweet message after attending one of her Renaissance World Tour concerts.

The two artists scored a global hit with the duet “Beautiful Liar” in 2007. During her tour stop in Tampa, FL. on Aug. 16, fans thought Beyoncé alluded to the song by shouting, “Shakira, Shakira!” while singing “Love on Top.” While it appeared to be a shout-out to Shakira, a fan with the same name revealed that Beyoncé was reading her sign. 

Whether or not the shout-out was meant for Shakira, both of their fan bases were excited for the moment. But then, the Colombian artist showed her support for Beyoncé by attending her concert in Miami, FL., on Friday night. She was spotted in the crowd, apparently doing Beyoncé’s head tick choreography for the song “Pure/Honey.” 

After the concert, Shakira gave her props to Beyoncé. In a post on Twitter, she shared a photo of Beyoncé performing with a heart-eyes emoji in her message. “Dear B! Thanks for the shout-out! you shined tonight!” she wrote.

In the comments to her tweet, their fan bases responded with hopes to see them work together again on new music. “NEEEEEEEEED another collab. On my hand and knees begging, pleading, groveling,” wrote one fan. “MOTHERS JOINING FORCES FOR A JOINT SLAY OMG COLLAB NEXT,” wrote another person.

Beyoncé and Shakira still haven’t performed “Beautiful Liar” together yet. But during a private concert in Dubai last January, Beyoncé sang it live by herself for the first time in 15 years.