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Shakira & Piqué’s Split Made It Into a Song — Thanks to Ozuna

Just when we thought we had reached the peak of Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s headline-heavy split, people are still weighing in on all the drama. Even Ozuna is referencing the divorce on a new track called “Te Pienso.”

The song’s lyrics describe Ozuna going out to forget about his woes, but after one too many drinks, he realizes he simply can’t stop thinking about a certain someone. The lyric in question? “Es que olvidarte a ti parece no acabar / Como a Piqué le gritan ‘Shaki’ hasta en el medio del mar” (Forgetting you doesn’t seem like it’ll stop / Like the way they shout ‘Shaki’ at Piqué in the middle of the sea).

It’s impossible to guess if Shakira gave Ozuna her blessing to name-drop her and reference her split with Piqué in this track. At the time of publication, Shakira has yet to respond. However, it seems as though the Colombian superstar isn’t staying quiet for much longer. Shakira shared a short video teaser on social media that types out the words, “No fue culpa tuya …” (“It wasn’t your fault.”)

Some fans are speculating that this teaser is for a pending collaboration between the two artists.

“According to sources, Shakira is currently shooting a music video in Barcelona” wrote a fan on social media. “Let’s not forget she’s still releasing ‘Monotonía’ featuring Ozuna this October!” 

The coincidence of these events happening back to back is definitely interesting. Hopefully, things are still cool between the two superstars — especially if the rumors of their collab are true. 

Watch Ozuna’s music video for “Te Pienso” below.