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Seventeen Seemingly Protect Girls From Harassment While Filming

Seventeen are being praised online for their gentlemanly actions after a since-deleted TikTok went viral of four of the members allegedly protecting girls from harassment in a park.

During the filming of the K-pop boy group’s variety show, Going Seventeen, members Jun, Jeonghan, Joshua, and S.Coups strolled through a park and interviewed people, including two girls that fans thought might be experiencing harassment.

In the video, Joshua appears to notice two girls on a park bench with an older man.

“I think we could have asked that person on the left?” Joshua wondered.

“Should we?” Jeonghan questioned.

Joshua then announced, “There’s someone I really want to interview,” before he approached the girls on the bench and politely asked to chat with them.

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“Oh my, hello,” one of the girls said as the man got up and walked away.

Watch the video, below:

The fan who posted the clip on TikTok pointed out that the man on the bench was seemingly sitting uncomfortably close to the two girls and that S.Coups intentionally sat on the bench with distance between them.

Fans assumed that the four oldest members of the group decided to interview the girls to ward off the man.

“Joshua, the purest soul,” one fan commented on TikTok.

Another fan theorized, “They know something is off. But do it calmly. They used their screen time to help the girl. Hyung line is very attentive.”

“[For real], I thought it was weird at first cuz they just came from an interview, and they already walked past the girls. Also, Jun’s confused look gave it away,” one person commented.

However, in an update, a Twitter user who claimed to be a close friend of the two girls in the video said that there was no harassment taking place.

Someone asked the friend, “Why did Joshua choose your friend to interview? Was he helping her out because the man was talking to her? Could you ask her, please?”

“I asked her, and she told me that the man was simply sharing the bench with them. Joshua and Jeonghan approached them because they recognized the idols and looked surprised,” the friend shared.

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