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Rosbeh’s New Single “Music Taught Me Life” Is A Musical Dreamscape

Classically trained on piano in Ibiza, producer, Rosbeh, is set to unveil is debut album on June 14th. In the buildup to the release, he is dropping some stellar singles to showcase the album, with release number three coming in the form of “Music Taught Me Life.”

“Music Taught Me Life” feels like a celestial journey. It is dreamy and relaxing, and builds to a whimsical crescendo for the final stretch of the song. Rosbeh says of this track,

“I made this song right after I had a mental breakdown about everything. My music career wasn’t doing well, neither were my finances and I asked myself „why am I doing all of this?“ – to calm myself I started to play the piano and after a few hours I finished this song. I felt this song is the answer to my question. I realized I’m here to make music.”

Rosbeh is self-taught and for a good portion of his upcoming in the scene was self-promoted. But his talent is undeniable and should be shared. So stream “Music Taught Me Life” below and be ready for his debut album in June!

Rosbeh – Music Taught Me Life

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo
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