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Bicep Kick Off New Label & Event Series with “CHROMA 001 HELIUM”

London-based duo, Bicep, may have just made the biggest announcement of their career yesterday. Kicking it off with the release of “CHROMA 001 HELIUM,” Bicep present their brand new imprint, CHROMA, accompanied by an exciting special event series. Dive right into the duo’s newest brainchild, with “CHROMA 001 HELIUM.”

“CHROMA 001 HELIUM” wastes no time getting into an addictive, club-forward groove. The direction of the CHROMA project as a whole is made apparent by the notable contrast of “HELIUM” to the rest of the Bicep discography. Highly compressed drums and a flowing synth arpeggio join into flawless harmony, brought together by a highly saturated bass line.

Bicep shared some insight into their vision for CHROMA, commenting:

We want to use CHROMA to push our sounds and challenge people more than we probably have in the past. The label is designed to evolve and draw on inspiration constantly, both musically and aesthetically. We’re wanting to essentially create a world that’s an up to date representation of us both personally in terms of our evolving tastes.

You can stream “CHROMA 001 HELIUM” at the link below, out everywhere via CHROMA. Enjoy!


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