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Rosalía Speaks Out for the First Time Since Split From Rauw Alejandro: ‘We Know What We Have Been Through’

It’s Rosalía’s turn to say her piece following her shocking breakup from fiancé and fellow Latin music superstar Rauw Alejandro.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the “Hentai” singer posted a brief message to fans, marking the first time she’s spoken out since news broke earlier this week that she and Rauw have ended their engagement. “I love, respect and admire Rauw very much,” she wrote in Spanish on Thursday (July 27). “Not paying attention to the movies, we know what we have been through. This moment is not easy so thanks to everyone for understanding and respecting.”

Rosalía’s message follows one day behind Rauw’s own statement, in which he confirmed their split via social media and denied rumors that either of them had cheated. “There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup but, in our case, it was not because of infidelity or a third person,” he wrote in Spanish.

“During this time that I’m taking to assimilate everything,” he continued, “There have been false public allegations, and because of the respect I have for her, our families and all we ever lived, I couldn’t stay quiet and continue to see how they try to destroy the most real love story God has ever allowed me to live.”

News of their breakup came earlier this week, just four months after the power couple announced their plans to tie the knot. They were together for three years, meeting in Las Vegas in 2019 during the Latin Grammys.

In March, Rosalía and Rauw joined forces to release RR, a three-song EP that served as a public and passionate exploration of their love, which they discussed in their joint Billboard cover story. The music video for one of the tracks, “Beso,” doubled as their engagement announcement.

“I’m lucky to be your partner, and I want to be there for you, sabes?” Rosalía told Rauw while speaking to Billboard in March. “And I feel you’re there for me, independent of the careers. For me, our relationship is first, and then there’s everything else. Of course my career is super important in my life, but at the same time, in my life, you’re my companion, and everything else comes second.”