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Residente Dropped List of His Favorite Spanish-Language Rappers

With the 50th anniversary of hip-hop approaching, Residente named his favorite Spanish-language rappers. The Puerto Rican icon’s personal list appeared to respond to the one Billboard published yesterday.

Yesterday (August 9), Billboard published a list of the 50 best Spanish-language rappers of all time. For his work in Calle 13 and as a solo artist, Residente received the No. 1 spot. On social media, the list received flack for some glaring omissions: Colombia’s Farina, Argentina’s Lil Supa, the Dominican Republic’s J Noa, and Puerto Rico’s Lisa M were notably absent from the list.

Residente took the opportunity to share his views on editorial lists and share his own. “Art is not a sport,” he wrote on an Instagram Story in Spanish. “Lists and positions are not my thing, but these are my favorites.” Among the new generation rappers he admired, he included J Noa, Lil Supa, Argentina’s Trueno, Puerto Rico’s PJ Sin Suela, and Mexican-American artist Snow Tha Product. Though she was snubbed by Billboard, J Noa was beaming with excitement in her Instagram stories when she saw her name on Residente’s list.

Residente’s list was a mix of rappers featured on Billboard’s list, with some omitted. He gave his flowers to artists who appeared alongside him on Billboard, including Ivy Queen, Ana Tijoux, Tego Calderón, Mala Rodríguez, Vico C, and Canserbero. Residente even tipped his hat to Venezuela’s Akapellah, who released a diss track last month called “Residente – No Eres Rapero.” Some rappers that only made Residente’s list included Spain’s Kase.O and Zatu, the Dominican Republic’s Nino Freestyle, Puerto Rico’s Ñejo and SieteNueve, and rising rapper Emblema. 

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop will be recognized tomorrow, August 11. Last month, Residente released what he claims to be his final diss track called “Bajo y Batería.” In his latest music video with Ricky Martin, he declared that he wants to become a Latin pop balladeer.