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RBD Honored with Limited-Edition Barbie Collection — See It Here

Two cultural phenomenons of 2023, Barbie and Rebelde, have teamed up and unveiled a new collection of RBD Barbie fashion dolls, featuring a doll for each member of the Mexican-pop novela band, Rebelde. The dolls, which are available for pre-order on Amazon, are available in their iconic stage costumes, and individually in their OG Elite Way School uniform. 

The dolls in the collection include Diego, Lupita, Roberta, Mia, and Giovanni, each with their unique accessories and looks to distinguish their personality. Roberta Pardo’s rocker chick fit, Mia Colucci’s forehead star sticker and pink cowboy hat, and Giovanny’s unmistakable pink hair are just a few of the iconic details in the group collection ($99.99). The individual dolls, which are only available for Mia, Lupita, and Roberta feature the characters in their quintessential schoolgirl outfits ($24.99).

The dolls, which according to Amazon, are “commemorating RBD’s long-awaited reunion” are not the first RBD dolls to hit toy store shelves. In 2007, Mattel released three dolls from the popular television series, including a Roberta, Mia, and Lupita doll in their uniform. 

Fans on social media have already shared their excitement.

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And some were just hoping they scored a new RBD or Rebelde Barbie doll.

The collection and individual RBD dolls are available for pre-order now on, with a release date of May 13, 2024