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R&B Songstress Eva Marie Shares Some Insight Into The Busy Life Of An Artist

Stunning singer-songwriter Eva Marie recently shared “Closer”, a new single that sets her apart in the R&B scene. With tens of thousands of new listeners and a lot more fresh music to come, she is out there making a name for herself! We got the chance to interview Eva Marie on her music. Enjoy the read!

Congratulations on the release of your new single and music video “Closer”

What are some of the main differences in terms of music and approach between “Closer” and

your previous single “Got What You Want”?

When I wrote “Got What You Want” I was in a party state of mind. I was just having fun with making the lines rhyme, imagining how a very bold female would speak her inner thoughts as she taps into her inner freak, lol. With “Closer” it was more personal, speaking on rough times I was going through with someone I was dealing with at the time. It was hard to allow myself to be vulnerable while writing.

Which of your songs is your favorite and why?

“Got What You Want”, to me, has a dramatic cinema feel and it’s always fun to perform!

Who are your biggest influences in music and how have they influenced your style?

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Beyonce. They are true to their craft and authentic. Not to mention they all exude great stage presence!

When did you realize you had a passion and talent for music? What helped you grow as an


I’ve been drawn to music ever since I was a child. Even started writing my own music around age 8. I remember first seeing Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Britney Spears who really made me feel like I wanted to pursue music when I got older.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer or both?

I’m both. I love the creating process in the studio and have always liked performing. Still perfecting my stage presence, you can never stop working on that.

How do you envision the coming months regarding music? Any big announcement you’d like to make?

Excited to release my EP for the summer!

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