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Raw And Authentic Singer, Ye Torii, Releases A Brand New Track, Entitled ‘No Friends’

Raw and authentic singer, Ye Torii, releases a brand new track, entitled ‘No Friends,’ about her life changing decision and experiences she faced when moving to LA. The Pretoria South African beautifully meshes together soft soulful hymns with a new wave of soothing RnB and modern Hip-Hop. 

Ye Torii began her journey in music at the age of 12 years old when she was discovered by one of the workers on the show she was casted on at that time. As the employee was intrigued by her mesmerizing voice, she stepped into a studio for the first time and began a journey that would change her life. 

Her new track, ‘No Friends’ delivers an empowering message of “one (wo)man for themselves” It illustrates the idea of becoming invisible in an individualized city, which in her experience was Los Anglels. Although LA is the melting pot of diversity, infused with different cultures, languages, and groups of people, it still has the tendency to make people feel lonely. Although, in cities like this, you tend to lean more on your family rather than friends, Ye Torii wants her fans to believe in themselves, never give up, and keep your eyes on the prize! 

Her next single,‘DRUGS’ describes the multi-talented artist’s transition in making it big in the industry with little prior experience.  We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the new starlet! 

Check out her latest release, ‘No Friends,’ and stay tuned for much more.