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Rauw Alejandro Teases New Album Following Fake Death Rumors

Following fake online rumors about his death, Rauw Alejandro has emerged from his social media hiatus and started teasing upcoming music last night (Aug. 31). In a new video, the Puerto Rican superstar says there’s a new album on the way.

Earlier this month, online rumors pointing to the passing of Rauw Alejandro suddenly emerged. At the time, the third most-asked question on Google was, “Is Rauw Alejandro dead?” His Wikipedia page showed his death as Aug. 1, 2022. On TikTok, the first two suggestions that popped up with his name were “death rumor” and “muerto.” But Rauw’s team later confirmed to Remezcla that he was not dead and that this strange online activity was not part of their marketing plan.

Now Rauw Alejandro appears to be speaking to those fake death rumors in a new Instagram post. In an animated video, he appears as an alien inside a recording studio. Rauw is singing a new song in the booth that sounds otherworldly. He also teases that a new album is coming soon. The LP will be his first since last year’s Vice Versa.

“Do not believe everything you see and everything you hear on the Internet,” the “CAPRICHOSO” singer wrote. “Except that I am in Saturn making the most cabrón album of the year and of next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.”

Since the teaser video, fans have expressed their excitement online about a new Rauw Alejandro album. “Rauw saying that he’s on Saturn making the most cabrón album of the year,” one fan wrote with flame emojis. “My motivation for the day, Rauw Alejandro is going to release a new album,” another fan wrote.


Outside of recording new music in Saturn, Rauw Alejandro was spotted in Instagram posts spending a few days over the summer with his girlfriend Rosalía. There’s no word yet if an alien version of Rosalía will appear on his next album.