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Rauw Alejandro Is Finally Releasing ‘Trap Cake Vol. 2’ – Fans Remain Skeptical

Puerto Rican singer, dancer, and overall entertainer Rauw Alejandro has updated us with some news regarding his upcoming music release. We know the suspense has been real, but we finally have February as a set release month for his new mixtape, Trap Cake Vol. 2 — which fans are dying to hear.

Rauw updated his followers via Twitter post: “Trap Cake Vol. 2 is ready! It won’t be out in January, not because I don’t want to, but it’s out in February. Meanwhile, I’m practicing a script for a character I need to learn.” Trap Cake Vol. 2 is the follow-up to 2019’s first volume, which included collaborations with De La Ghetto, Cazzu, and more. The mixtape was supposed to drop on Jan. 10, though it was pushed back. 

With Rauw’s recent tweet, he not only updated us on his new music that is curated to the fans that have known him since day one but he also teased an upcoming project which requires him to learn lines. Is it a TV show? A film? Is it a quick cameo? Or maybe a whole acting role? Whatever the case may be, we’re looking forward to it. 

From this new acting role that is being kept under wraps (which is not technically his first, did you catch his acting debut on Netflix’s La Reina del Flow concert finale?), to starting up his world tour again in Mexico on March 24, while simultaneously working on his next album and releasing his Trap Cake Vol. 2 — one thing is known for sure: he stays busy.

Twitter users are heavily speculating since this particular heavier-trap and R&B-influenced project keeps getting pushed back. But who can blame Rauw for everything that he has going on? He has to prioritize it all somehow.

Twitter users have been replying to his update, unsure of his word. Is he really going to finally release it?

Others remain positive.

Well, we all can agree that Rauw is trying his best to please his fans. Once February hits, we will finally have Trap Cake Vol. 2, and all will be forgotten.