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Quarantine Confessions: Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Baby Mama Speaks About Past Wrongs, Co-Parenting

While everyone is inside practicing social distancing, some are taking the time to social media to air out grievances.

On Tuesday (Mar 31), ‘s alleged baby’s mother, , took to Instagram to answer fan questions, but it seemed most fans were only interested in the relationship that she had with Melo and took the time to get some sought after answers.

During the Q&A session, one fan asked how co-parenting was going with the veteran baller to which Burks replied with one simple word, “patience.”

Although Carmelo has made a habit of avoiding the rumors of extramarital relationships and has never confirmed the child, Burks has taken to social media before to call him out for his lack of interaction with their daughter. In 2019 when the rumor mill began churning after images surfaced of with a then identified woman, Burks took some time out to put the baller on blast for not visiting his child instead.

“N—-s out here explaining how they’re laid up on a boat with another man’s wife but can’t explain why they can’t spend time with their daughter,” Burks wrote at the time.

But it seems that not too much has changed. After another fan asked Burks about how she deals with, that’s when Burks wasn’t so simplistic with her response.

“MFs still talking about lil ol’ me? damn hate to see it,” Burks wrote. “Let me be as transparent as I can—I have called myself everything that I have been called by people on the internet at one point. But I went through a process where I had to reflect on my choices, dig deep, and hold myself accountable for the energy I put out & received. God will get you through anything. Knowledge of self will get you through anything. You can’t ignore the wrongs in your life- you have to right them. So many people who walk this earth have a testimony.”

In one last final act of pettiness, one fan asked if she felt that since , would Carmelo be next, to which Burks responded with crying laughing emojis, before adding “sidebar: drake’s son is sooooo adorable!”

Check out the shade below.


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