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PREMIERE: Un León Marinero Leads With Love in “Aroma a Rosas” Music Video

Un León Marinero is spreading the love in his new single “Aroma a Rosas.” The Mexican singer-songwriter on the rise is premiering the heartfelt music video exclusively on Remezcla today (Nov. 3).

Hailing from San Luis Potosí, Un León Marinero is part of a new wave of Latine folk artists emerging in Mexico, including names like Ed Maverick and Kevin Kaarl. Since the release of his debut single in 2015, he has spent the past few years winning over fans with his captivating love songs. Romance is the very essence of his music. 

About the inspiration for his songs, Un León Marinero tells Remezcla, “Sometimes it is hard for us to say it, but we come to this world to feel things and fall in love unconditionally because it is that feeling that can lead us to do unimaginable things and to reach places within ourselves that we rarely get to know.”

In the music video for “Aroma a Rosas,” Un León Marinero manifests the romance of the song. He shares tender moments with a love interest around his hometown. Un León Marinero beautifully captures the rush of falling in love in this video. 

“The video was born from the idea of ​​seeing what a couple’s day-to-day is like,” he says. “Nothing special, just you and her, where the place doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you do when you know that what awaits you in life will be shared with someone else. It’s a taste of finding peace in everyday life.”

He continues, “The song is about innocence, letting go, falling, not thinking — just feeling, sharing your rhythm, and not minding to fail or be wrong. You do what is in your power to see that the person you care about the most is okay.”

In 2019, Un León Marinero started to break through with his first EP, Canciones Para Arrullar Superhéroes. Last year, he scored one of his biggest hits with “Por Ti Me Quedo en San Luis,” featuring Kaarl. Their collaboration has amassed over 7 million streams on Spotify. Un León Marinero has kept the momentum going with his latest album, A Orillas Del Río Santiago. The alluring “Aroma a Rosas” proved to be the crux of the LP that he released in Aug. 

As Un León Marinero moves forward with his music career, he will continue to lead with love. The splendor of life’s moments, no matter how small or subtle, serve as his muse. 

“I have always believed that love is seen in those moments where absolutely nothing happens, because the quieter you are, the easier it is to read the eyes in front of you,” he says. 

Check out the premiere of “Aroma a Rosas” below.