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Premiere: Pariz Noir Unveils Hypnotic & Dark R&B Single Titled “Save Yourself”

Miami, FL-based Colombian R&B artist Pariz Noir follows-up in style to her previous releases, the EP Darkroom (2019) and singles “Las Olas” and “Lust” (2020), with a hypnotic and dark R&B single titled “Save Yourself.” 

Inspired by a personal experience she went through, “Save Yourself” tells the story of a girl who fell for her at a wrong timing when Pariz was feeling trapped in the cold walls put up around her heart. Pariz then explains that sad truth to the girl throughout the song.

This wonderful production sees Pariz Noir at her prime creative shape, delivering a sound filled with a special dark groove throughout. Elements of dancehall are magically intertwined with her signature dark R&B atmosphere. 

Born in Cali, Colombia, Pariz Noir was raised in Miami, FL, and always had a deep passion for R&B, especially in its darkest sonic forms. Her infectious energy leads her to perpetually innovate, mixing today’s era of production with a soulfully melodic R&B sound particularly beautiful on “Save Yourself.” 

A visionary sonic display of the feelings, emotions, and life experiences she’s gone through in her life, “Save Yourself” is one more major release by the US-based Latina rising urban star, who has successfully managed to combine meaning, depth, poetry, and emotion on what could be considered her most accomplished release to date.  

The versatile artist has proven over and over again that she can excel in everything she creates and imagines, a chameleon of sound who often appears where you least expect her, with hard-hitting & dark R&B soundscapes, often resulting in powerfully raw & emotive R&B bangers. 

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