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PREMIERE: Lulú & Ximena Soto Take Us on a Girls’ Night Out Full of ‘Be$itos’

Who says life is to be taken seriously? To remind us that life’s about letting go and having fun, Lulú tapped in Ximena Soto on her newest single, “Be$itos,” premiering exclusively on Remezcla today (July 6).

Sometimes the best ideas come unexpectedly. Such is the case of “Be$itos,” a concept that Lulú came up with during a night of overthinking. Before falling asleep, she thought to herself: “Enserio, ya no te tomes todo tan en serio [Seriously, don’t take everything so seriously],” which became the intro to her next hit. “[It’s] an empowerment anthem,” she tells Remezcla about the new track. “This song helps us to say goodbye to giving importance to the glances of others, to prejudices, and simply live and do what you want.”

Together with her musical team formed by producers Adrian Be and Morix and the composer Roger Rogerz, they came up with the pulsing, playful, electro-pop hymn. The cherry on top is Soto’s voice, which was a long-coming feature for Lulú. “I had been wanting to work with her for a long time. She has an angelic and sensual voice at the same time. She is amazing,” she says about her collaborator. “It’s always an honor to work with female artists and from the LGBTQ+ community, as I like to support the drive and visibility of our community.” Additionally, she considers Soto a “very free and empowered woman” and says she taught her not to be afraid of going after what she wants. 

Directed by Niza Cruz, the music video follows a girl’s night out with Lulú, Soto, and the featured protagonist Vixen. We see the trio enjoying shots together, laughing, dancing, feeling themselves, and, of course, giving out lots of kisses. “It was an unforgettable night, I had never done a video like this before, and I had an awesome time. I let myself go; I enjoyed it a lot,” the singer recalls. At the end of the shooting, they all cut a cake since her birthday was two days later. “[The celebration was a symbol of] the beginning of a path of empowerment, success, and freedom,” Lulú adds.

Moreover, with “Be$itos,” the Mexican singer is entering a new phase. In this new musical era, she’s set to explore pop, electro-pop, R&B, and perhaps even a corrido. “I am happy to be able to start letting go to make my music because, in the past, insecurities flooded my mind every time I wanted to write a song,” she explains. “[I’m] very happy to say that today, I am no longer afraid to show myself as I am. Of course, it is a process, but you’ll always move forward, and it is always worth having fun and allowing yourself to be happy.”

Watch the official video for “Be$itos” below.