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‘Latinistas’ To Be World’s First All-Latina Fashion Doll Line

Independent toy brand Purpose Toys is launching the first Latine-dedicated toy line to its company. According to a recent press release, Purpose Toys LATIN will serve as a “cultural-focused division founded with the goal of uplifting and celebrating the Latino community.”

The company’s Latine division will release “Latinistas,” a collection of Latina dolls “designed to reflect the beauty and diversity of the Latino community.” According to Purpose Toys, the dolls in the “Latinistas” lineup come with a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, hair textures, facial features and more.

Four dolls make up the first line of “Latinistas.” Together, they are known as Las Amigas. Their names are Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani. “Latinistas awaken toy aisles with a dose of cultural authenticity, in a historically culturally ambiguous toy market,” the press release reads.

Purpose Toys was founded in 2020 by DeeDee Wright-Ward. The head of Purpose Toys LATIN is Jovanna Rosado, who has worked at Mattel and American Girl in the past.

“I am beyond honored to be part of this historic moment for our community,” Rosado said in a statement. “Our goal through Purpose Toys LATIN is to unite, empower and celebrate our community through play. This is only the beginning! We are so excited to work with Purpose Toys and DeeDee Wright-Ward in their mission to ‘Center and Celebrate Communities of Culture.’”

Wright-Ward added: “We are honored to celebrate the Latino community through Purpose Toys LATIN. Under the leadership of Jovanna Rosado, Purpose Toys LATIN is proud to lead this historic launch of Latinistas.”

“Latinistas” will be available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon in August 2023.