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Boris Brejcha Drops Behemoth Techno Album ‘Level One’

German sensation Boris Brejcha has been a staple in the dance music scene for nearly twenty years. He is back with a new monster album Level One that is an incredible mix of old and evolving sound, making it a surefire classic.

Brejcha whet our appetites with the release of “Miracle” as the debut single, which features gorgeous vocals crescendoing into a dominating techno drop. But this 17-track behemoth is so much more than that wondrous single. “Ice Cave” is an 8+ minute dark techno masterclass. “Dimension” will leave you in a hypnotic trance. “Message In A Bottle” and “Wormhole” bring the heavy of the album, and “Universe of Love” keeps you on your toes with its constant switching up from airy tones to dirty techno back and forth.

Brejcha shares,

“’Level One’ demonstrates my ability to find a delicate balance between my classic sound and my evolving musical direction. Creating an album posed the challenge of blending the familiar with the new. I believe I have successfully navigated this artistic journey.”

Stream the album below and enjoy!

Boris Brejcha – Level One

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo
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