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Oscar Isaac Collaborates with Gaby Moreno on “Luna De Xelajú” – Watch the Performance Now

Gaby Moreno has collaborated with actor Oscar Isaac for her latest single, “Luna De Xelajú,” which pays homage to their Guatemalan roots. The music video for the song, released on March 31, captures the duo’s stunning performance at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, where they recorded the song through a live take. The Guatemalan classic was written by Paco Pérez in 1944, and for Moreno, who has been singing the song since her teenage years, it holds a special place in her heart.

Moreno, a two-time Grammy nominee, recorded the song with Oscar for her upcoming X Mí (Vol. 1) EP, set to release on May 5. Oscar, who has previously showcased his musical skills in films like “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “10 Years,” sang in Spanish with Moreno, beautifully harmonizing their voices in their haunting rendition of “Luna De Xelajú.” Moreno praised Oscar for his incredible musicianship, calling him an “incredible singer, songwriter, and guitarist.”

The music video was directed by Diego Contreras through his production company Fireland. Oscar played guitar while singing with Moreno, and the video captures the duo’s chemistry on stage as they perform together. Oscar shared that the song holds a special significance for his family, saying, “My grandmother Graciela Argentina Nicolle de Estrada would perform ‘Luna De Xelajú’ in the concert halls of Guatemala. Growing up, it was always hummed or sung as a lullaby by my mother Eugenia, and was a favorite of my uncle Guillermo’s. I’m grateful to Gaby for asking me to share this song as a way of honoring my family and all of Guate.”

In addition to her upcoming EP, Moreno is also working on her next album, which will mostly include songs in English. She will also be joining the band Nickel Creek on their tour for a few dates in April and June. With this collaboration, Moreno and Oscar celebrate their Guatemalan heritage, and their music is a beautiful tribute to the country’s rich cultural traditions.

Watch the music video for “Luna De Xelajú” below and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing performance by Gaby Moreno and Oscar Isaac: