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Movie Theater Floods During ‘Titanic’ 3D Screening

Screenings of Titanic apparently need to come with lifeboats.

TikTok user @Gablcampos, Gabriel Campos, posted a viral video of his “5-D experience.” The iconic film has returned to movie theaters this month across the globe to honor its 25th anniversary. What Campos wasn’t planning for, was a realistic experience with moviegoers experiencing flooding hallways and a waterfall coming down from the ceiling mid-movie.

“Cinema technology is evolving more and more,” he sarcastically captioned the TikTok. With the Titanic‘s legendary theme music playing in the background, Campos wrote over the video, “I went to watch Titanic at the cinema, but it was more realistic than I imagined.”

He later referred to the scene where the string players on board the ship began to play music while the guests were in a panic and the ship was sinking. “I felt like one of the violinists in the film,” he added.

The viral video reached over 4.5 million views with over 600,000 favorites and more than 19,000 comments.

Watch the ironic moment, below.

Meanwhile, viewers made light of the situation with numerous puns and jokes left in the comments section. While most agreed this was an “immersive experience,” another joked, “As slow as I am, I would [have thought] it was a [special] effect.”

“[An] experience you will never forget, impressed that the cinema is giving such a surreal experience to customers,” one wrote.

Another added, “When the film leaves the screen and interacts with the audience… fantastic!” Everyone can agree that this “5-D” movie should have come with a life vest or warning label.

The three-hour and fifteen-minute film returned to theaters for the third time, after premiering on Dec. 17, 1997, it was later re-released as a 3-D movie in 2012.

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