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Mikos Da Gawd Serves Up Soulful, Introspective Album ‘ALOE’

San Francisco’s own Mikos Da Gawd is known for his soulful production and has produced for some of the biggest names going in that realm. He’s now here with his new album ALOE that puts his soulful prowess on display in a massive way.

ALOE is a masterful soundscape, incorporating a variety of sounds from many different genres. “Blue Liquid” has a hip-hop feel with a thumping drumbeat underneath a smoky beat. “Manifesting The Range Rover” has a loose and free-flowing vibe. ALOE is bookended by “Inertia” and “Sunday“, two mellow songs that showcase Mikos’ roots and both begin and end the album with beautiful production.

Says Mikos,

“Meditation allowed me to silence the noise of the outside world and attain a state of clarity for this album. In these moments of stillness, I found myself immersed in each composition. It was through this meditative lens that ALOE began to take shape, each track a testament to the power of introspection.”

Stream ALOE below and enjoy!

Mikos da Gawd – ALOE

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo
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