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Mexican Restaurant Casa Bonita Preparing for Grand Reopening Thanks to ‘South Park’ Creators

Casa Bonita is looking to hire 500 new employees ahead of its grand reopening in May 2023.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2021, the Denver-based Mexican restaurant was purchased by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who included it in their animated series because they loved going there when they were children. They had previously considered buying in 2016, with Parker noting, “They do have a few things up there now where they’re like, this is the South Park Casa Bonita. There are people who go to Casa Bonita because of South Park.”

Known as the “Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants,” they not only serve food, but also have an entertainment hub that includes attractions like video games, magicians, puppet shows, musicians, and a waterfall that features cliff divers.

On the official South Park Twitter account, the series helped promote the restaurant’s employee search. “Job alert: Cliff Diver at [Casa Bonita],” South Park tweeted.

This iconic Mexican restaurant is, in fact, looking to hire at least one diver. In a video posted by the restaurant, executive chef Dana “Loca” Rodriguez and Colorado Governor Jared Polis let Denver-area residents know about the job opportunities.

“[We’re hiring employees for the] front of the house, back of the house, security, arcade, entertainment and divers,” Rodriguez tells Polis in the video. “You can apply now.”

In a 2003 episode of South Park called “Casa Bonita,” the South Park kids go to the restaurant for a birthday party. Cartman, however, is not invited to the party, so he devises a plan to trap a kid in a bomb shelter, so he can take his place on the guest list.

Interested in a job at Casa Bonita? Find out more about the positions available at Casa Bonita is scheduled to reopen in May 2023.