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Mexican Legend Angélica María Joining ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ for Season 2

Mexican icon Angélica María is joining the hit Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer for season 2. 

The Wrap reports that the legend will be sharing screen time with lead actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as his on-screen mom, Elena. The character is described as a self-centered actress whose need to be the constant center of attention has negatively impacted the relationship she has with her son. 

The Lincoln Lawyer is a legal drama that follows Mickey Haller, a former drug addict and LA-based lawyer, as he works on cases while trying hard to redeem himself and regain everything his addiction took from him. Garcia-Rulfo, who is also Mexican, told Remezcla, “if the story allows, I love putting my heritage in there” when it comes to him playing Latine characters. 

The second season of the show was confirmed last summer and will consist of another set of 10 episodes. This time around, the season will be based on Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness, the fourth book in The Lincoln Lawyer series. And it will also include other guest stars like Lana Parilla and Yaya DaCosta. 

Angélica María is famously known as “La novia de México.” She’s an actress, singer, and songwriter whose career has spanned several decades, with 63 music albums, more than 25 telenovelas, and over 60 films. And her latest projects include The House of Flowers Movie and The Answer to My Prayer.

Angélica María is also recognized as the mother of the “balada ranchera” genre, got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016, and has received over 200 awards worldwide.