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Amber Rose Expresses Solidarity With Movements For Change, Declares She’s “Pro Black,” “Pro LGBTQ,” & “Pro Hoe”

has never been one to sequester her opinion, so when fans asked her to speak out regarding her position on current events–of course she had a lot to say.

On Wednesday (June 3), Amber Rose took to Instagram to stand in solidarity with everyone fighting the cause for change including , , and those who are advocating to legalize work.

“I’m Pro Black af, Pro LGBTQ af, Pro Hoe, Pro Sex Work, Pro-Choice,” Rose wrote. “If ur Fatphobic, Transphobic or ever screamed ‘All Lives Matter’ get the f*ck off my page.”

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While the post received overwhelming support, there were fans that questioned why “All Lives Matter” was harmful, while others hinted that Rose was pulling an “All Lives Matter” moment herself with the inclusion post.

“Don’t they all matter? Why are you expressing hatred. I thought we wanna stop the hate. We need peace, not hate,” one fan wore in the comments.

“This is true. But at the moment ms amber black lives matter, we are being targeted and unheard,” another fan pointed out.

Although a few misunderstood her intention, joined a growing list of celebrities using their platform to speak out about the injustices plaguing the Black community at the hands of police. recently had a “f*ck off” party over on his Instagram page after dozens of former fans criticized his support of BLM, and had to face-off with the public after saying he hates racists. also recently spoke out about the issue along with Netflix, Apple, Twitter, and an onslaught of other corporations who have used social media to make sure Black voices are heard.