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Mersiv’s MorFlo Records Drop ‘Throw Down, Vol. 1’ Compilation Album

If you were craving some hard-hitting beats, worry not. Mersiv’s MorFlo Records imprint has just released Throw Down, Vol. 1, a 13-track compilation of bangers serving as the counterpart to the labels more ethereal and downtempo Slow Down compilation that was released last year. Today though, the energy is high and heavy.

Throw Down, Vol. 1 is perfect for, well, throwing down. There’s no shortage of captivating and nasty beats. The label’s ethos is all about showcasing artist’s creativity and tapping into their flow and that’s exactly what this compilation does. From the abstract wubs in Xaebor’s “LOWFREQ” to Jalaya and bd hbt’s diesel fueled “Departure” there’s no shortage of forward-thinking bass music.

This compilation is a perfect celebration of bass music for bass music lovers everywhere, featuring heavy-hitters and newcomers like Flozone, Floret Loret, Aweminus, Shanghai Doom, HEYZ, Jaenga, So Sus, and more. Stream the full compilation below and enjoy!

MorFlo Records – Throw Down, Vol. 1

-Written By: JD Scribner
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