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Meet Vapo, the Korean-Brazilian Teen Rapper Making Waves in K-pop

Are we finally getting a K-pop corrido? Well, we just might. Mexican singer Christian Nodal could be working on music with the K-pop girl groups BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND, or so he implied during a Twitch stream on May 1.  

“I’m also going to work on something with — what is their name? Mmm, BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND,” Nodal said during his Twitch stream in Spanish. Though he didn’t specify what “something” will be, many are interpreting it as new music because, duh, they’re all musicians. 

Remezcla reached out to MOMOLAND’s publicist about the news, to which they responded: “They are exploring the idea to collaborate on a new song.” This comes right after hawk-eyed MOMOLAND fans noticed that Nodal and the K-pop girl group had started following each other on Instagram. It seems like the collab — at least in MOMOLAND’s case — could happen after all!

Both BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND are no strangers to the market and both have their share of collaborations with Latine artists. As a group, BLACKPINK has worked with Cardi B and Selena Gomez on “Bet You Wanna” and “Ice Cream,” respectively. And as previously mentioned, Lisa jumped on DJ Snake’s “SG” with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion. Momoland, on the other hand, released a song with Natti Natasha earlier this year, “Yummy Yummy Love.” Though a comment said in passing, let’s not forget this is also how we found out Lisa would be featured on “SG,” after Ozuna casually mentioned it during a red carpet, so we can’t rule it out just yet for the “Lovesick Girls” singers!

While collaborations between Latine artists and K-pop acts are common nowadays, if this one becomes a reality, it would be a first for a Mexican Regional singer. We can’t even begin to fathom what that would sound and look like, but we’re looking forward to the possibility.


At the time of publication, BLACKPINK had yet to respond to Nodal’s statement. We will update this story as it develops.