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Meet Cupido, the Spanish Auto-Tune Heartbreak Darlings

Madonna is no stranger to working with up-and-coming artists in the past couple of years — like Quavo from Migos and Maluma. Now, she’s taking none other than Dominican dembow rapper Tokischa under her wing and seems to be recording new music with the rising star.

The legendary singer posted a photo of the two of them in a studio on her Instagram story. “A woman’s work is never done,” the text on the post reads, and she tagged Tokischa, who later shared a screenshot of the announcement on Twitter.

Both of their fans seem excited about this collaboration that looks like a match made in heaven. “To be fair, Madonna was the Tokischa of white women in the 90s so this makes sense kinda,” one person tweeted. Someone else wrote a tweet that read, “[Tokischa’s] work looks and sounds insanely genuine and forward-thinking and boundary-pushing and queer and unapologetic. She sounds like the perfect match for Madonna. I’m so excited.

It’s unclear when or how the song will be released as Tokischa has multiple upcoming shows and festival appearances. The most recent announcement of new music came from Madonna in early May, when she told her fans she’ll be releasing a new 50-song compilation album with all of her No. 1 hits on it. However, there have not been any new music announcements from either of them.

A song with the legend that is Madonna would follow a slew of high-profile collaborations Tokischa has been working on over the last year. After “Linda” with Rosalía and “Perra” with J Balvin, she teamed up with Marshmello for “Estilazo” back in April. A collaboration with the legend herself, Madge, might push her over the edge into the global mainstream stage. Moreover, the “Tukuntazo” singer recently snagged three nominations for Premios Juventud.