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Big Gigantic and Ahee drop raucous party starter ‘Oh Dang!’

When the funk house icons Big Gigantic collide with the prodigious bass talent AHEE, something groundbreaking was bound to happen. For over a decade, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic have been fusing live instruments with electronic beats, creating a unique blend that’s paved a way for other artists and nearly defined a genre all their own. AHEE, after capturing audiences with acts like The Lucent Dossier Experience, has risen meteorically thanks to a versatility in the studio that is on full display here.

It’s not the first time their sounds have crossed — AHEE’s first big break was back in 2016 during a Big G remix contest where he took second place. Their latest sonic smash cut — “Oh Dang!” is as explosive as the title suggests. Things kick off with a funky 1970s-inspired guitar riff, swiftly escalating into a whirlwind of punchy percussions, bold synths, and nervous system jolting dubstep drops. Like many Big Gigantic tracks, the song feels like a funk-fueled sonic rollercoaster, with peaks of pure electronic-pop, wonky drops, and undeniably grooves.

Hear ‘Oh Dang!’ live at Red Rocks on September 29th and 30th. Grab your tickets right here.