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Man Kicks Out Brother’s Pregnant Girlfriend Who Threw Away Food

A man on Reddit was furious with his brother’s pregnant 19-year-old girlfriend after she threw away his steak dinner without asking him, all because it smelled bad to her.

The dinner faux pas happened when the man’s brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner one night.

“The moment she entered my house she started complaining about the smell of the steak I was making and said just the smell alone makes her nauseous and she can’t eat this. I tried to suggest an alternative, but she was dead set on Chinese food and ended up sending my brother to the nearest mall in order to get her some,” he explained in his post.

The man thought “that would be the end of it,” but when he came back to the kitchen after taking a bathroom break, he caught the teen throwing his “unfinished steak into the garbage.”

When he confronted her, she told him the “smell was so strong” that she needed to get rid of it, then proceeded to spray perfume all over his kitchen.

“I was beyond furious at this point and sent her back to the living room and after my brother came back from the mall, I kicked both of them out with their Chinese food. My brother tried to convince me to let them back and that I could make something else for the two of us and his [girlfriend] was pretty much sobbing at this point, but I was dead set on kicking them both out,” he recalled.

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However, following the disastrous dinner, the man’s parents were angry with him for “causing so much distress” to his brother’s pregnant girlfriend.

“I told them that she literally threw away our dinner, but they said that I shouldn’t have yelled at her or kicked them out as she’s still just a teenager who’s now getting influenced by her pregnancy hormones and that my outburst also caused problems in their relationship,” he shared.

In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind the man, with many suggesting if the smell was too much for her to bear then she should have left.

“If they’re old enough to be parents, they’re old enough to act like adults,” one person wrote.

“I’m pregnant too. My sense of smell is definitely heightened. I would never dream of throwing away someone else’s food. If I had that much of a problem with it, I’d leave. Yes, she’s a teenager. But if she’s mature enough to have a child, she’s mature enough to know you don’t go into someone else’s house and throw away their food,” another commented.

“I can completely understand the smell being too much for her, I was like that when I was pregnant. But the solution was for her to leave. Throwing away someone else’s food was way over the line,” someone else chimed in.

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