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Maluma & Blessd

Maluma & Blessd Release New EP ‘1 Of 1’

Maluma and Blessd have cemented their strong friendship and professional partnership with the release of their first joint EP, titled “1 Of 1”, which dropped on Thursday, June 6. This highly anticipated six-track EP features a variety of songs, including the title track “1 Of 1”, “Call Me”, “Oe Bebé”, “Manrique”, “Sisas Nada” (featuring Hades66), and “Goyard/GTA.” The project was co-produced by the talented MadMuscik and The RudeBoyz, renowned for their ability to capture Medellín’s vibrant reggaetón culture.

In a press statement, Maluma emphasized the uniqueness of this collaboration, saying, “A full production between two Colombian artists had never been done before. If it’s the first, it can’t be done twice.” This EP not only showcases their musical talents but also their deep connection and shared vision for the future of Colombian music.

The friendship between Maluma and Blessd began in 2021 when they collaborated on “Imposible (Remix)”, a catchy reggaetón song by then-newcomer Blessd. This track quickly became a viral hit on social media and gained significant traction on Colombian radio stations and in local clubs. Since then, the duo has continued to produce hit after hit, including popular tracks like “La Nueva en el Mapa” and “El Reloj”, both of which further solidified their presence in the music industry.

Blessd has often spoken highly of Maluma’s influence and support, highlighting how instrumental Maluma has been in helping emerging artists. In a previous interview with Billboard, Blessd said, “He [Maluma] wants to raise the flag. There is no other artist like him helping those of us who are emerging so much. He’s doing a job that no one else has done. I respect him as an artist and triple as a person because of that.” This admiration and mutual respect are evident in their collaborative work and the seamless blending of their styles on the “1 Of 1” EP.

The EP “1 Of 1” is not just a collection of songs but a representation of Medellín’s rich musical heritage and the dreams of its artists. Both Maluma and Blessd hope to inspire every aspiring artist, particularly those residing in the barrios of Medellín, to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. They believe that their journey from local artists to international stars can serve as a source of inspiration for many.

“This work will have a very positive impact,” the artists stated. “We’ve had dreams since we were kids and seeing that they can come true is a source of pride for those who see us as role models.” Their shared vision and commitment to their roots are evident in every track of the EP, making “1 Of 1” not only a musical milestone but also a cultural one.

The tracks on the EP showcase a variety of themes and sounds, from the infectious beats of “Call Me” and “Oe Bebé” to the introspective lyrics of “Manrique” and the energetic collaboration “Sisas Nada” featuring Hades66. Each song brings a unique flavor to the EP, highlighting the versatility and creativity of both artists.

Maluma and Blessd’s joint EP “1 Of 1” is now available for streaming, inviting fans and new listeners alike to experience the dynamic and vibrant sounds of Medellín. This project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring spirit of Colombian reggaetón. Stream and listen to “1 Of 1” below:

With this EP, Maluma and Blessd not only celebrate their musical journey but also pave the way for future collaborations that will continue to elevate Colombian music on the global stage.