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Aitana’s ‘4TO 23’ Voted as This Week’s Top New Latin Music by Fans

Aitana’s latest single, “4TO 23”, has topped this week’s New Music Latin poll, making a significant impact in the Latin music scene. In a poll published on Friday (July 5) as part of the weekly New Music Latin roundup and playlist, curated by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors, fans overwhelmingly voted for the Spanish pop star’s newest release as their favorite of the week.

“4TO 23,” which translates to “room 23”, garnered over 66 percent of the votes, surpassing other notable releases such as Tiago PZK’s new album GOTTI A, Christian Nodal’s “No Me 100to Bien,” and Lunay’s comeback track “Gym.” Andrés Cepeda’s “El Café” secured second place with more than 23 percent of the votes.

This new track from Aitana is her first single following her 2023 album “alpha” and is a vibrant pop tune that blends ’80s and early 2000s melodies. The song narrates a sensual story about a girl inviting her crush to spend the night at her apartment. The lyrics of the chorus are catchy and provocative: “Turn off the light/undress me/I’ll do everything to you for the first time/Turn off the light and touch me/do to me everything that I’ve imagined.”

The success of “4TO 23” underscores Aitana’s growing influence in the Latin pop music scene. Her ability to blend nostalgic elements with contemporary sounds has resonated well with fans, making her one of the standout artists in the genre.

Aitana’s musical journey has been marked by a series of successful releases and her latest single is no exception. The sugary pop tune not only showcases her vocal prowess but also her skill in creating relatable and engaging stories through her music. The track’s fusion of ’80s synths and early 2000s pop elements creates a nostalgic yet fresh sound that appeals to a broad audience.

The New Music Latin roundup and playlist by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español are designed to highlight the week’s most exciting new releases in the Latin music world. Each week, fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite new tracks, giving artists a platform to reach a wider audience and gauge the reception of their latest work.

In last week’s poll, music fans voted for Deny K and Angel Dior’s “WOA” as their favorite release, with the track securing over 50 percent of the votes. Xavi’s “OOTD” came in second with 42 percent. These polls not only reflect the preferences of the listening audience but also highlight emerging trends and popular artists in the Latin music industry.

Aitana’s continued success and the enthusiastic reception of “4TO 23” demonstrate her ability to engage listeners and maintain her relevance in a competitive industry. Her blend of modern pop with nostalgic influences provides a refreshing take on the genre, ensuring that she remains a favorite among fans and critics alike.

As the Latin music scene continues to evolve, artists like Aitana are at the forefront, pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates on a global scale. With each new release, Aitana solidifies her place as a significant figure in the industry, and “4TO 23” is a testament to her talent and appeal. Fans can look forward to more innovative and engaging music from Aitana as she continues to explore new sounds and themes in her work.