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Lunavela And The Transcendental “Six-out-of-ten Friend” Single

Talented artist Lunavela dropped “Six-out-of-ten Friend”, a song that will send you back in time with a distinct 90’s vibe and a very unique creative twist of modern beats and synths. Seemingly detached and unmoved, the artist’s voice takes on transcendental soundscapes that remove the listener from the daily routine and make them dream.

Speaking of the track, Steve says: “Six-Out-Of-Ten Friend is not a misanthropic song, it’s more a celebration of setting better boundaries with people who don’t get you and laughing about social awkwardness. Y’know celebrating that awkward conversation of small talk in the pet food aisle of Tesco with an ex-work colleague, music punisher or an ex-girlfriend’s husband. This is my idea of a pop song”. Make sure to follow Lunavela for more updates!

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