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Low-Rise Maternity Jeans? Emily Ratajkowski Says Yes

In terms of comfy maternity wear, a pair of stiff jeans is likely not the first thing a mom-to-be wants to wear (unless it has an elasticated waist band). But leave it to Emily Ratajkowski to defy the norms of maternity style. The model was spotted in Los Angeles, California yesterday wearing low-rise denim, which put her growing baby bump on full display. And the question is, if a pregnant trendsetter can pull them off, should we be readying ourselves for the return of low-rise jeans, too? Let’s investigate. 

Like it or not, there have been signs that low-rise jeans are on the comeback. While stars such as Paris Hilton brought them to the forefront during the early-aughts, they have since fallen out of fashion in favor of much higher waistlines. But on the runways, low-rise trousers have been coming back into the fray at shows like Dion Lee and R13, and street style stars such as Bella Hadid have been rocking them, too. Why now? Y2K fashion is back in general—including brands such as Juicy Couture—so the retro silhouettes were bound to come back, too. Horrified? Don’t be just yet. 

Ratajkowski’s hip-slung jeans hit just slightly further down than a normal pair would, and she wore them the right way by wearing it with a classic tee that’s cropped, but not too cropped, adding a cardigan overtop for coverage as well. She also accessorized the look with tortoiseshell sunglasses and Re/DONE’s low-top 70s sneakers, which played into more of a comfort factor. (Though we wouldn’t be surprised if Ratajkowski becomes a mom-to-be who wears heels, too.) Ratajkowski’s jeans are proof that the throwback trend might actually be wearable after all—they're low rise, but not lowww rise.