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Lois Rae Drops Dazzling New Summer Single SWIM

After gaining success on Mind back in 2021, British star Lois Rae has offered her audience with her latest release “SWIM” and the momentum surrounding Lois has been phenomenal. The new single’s underlying message focusing on rising above negative energy and moving towards warmer months gives us an insight into the true meaning of the track: “Floating over all of this negativity and I just wanna know when we can enjoy life and live it carefree.”

Collaborating with rapper Tike, the contrast between the two voices truly enhances the piece, giving depth to the sonics and creating a well-rounded melody. Tike joins the vocalist for a featured verse that fits in flawlessly within the lively atmosphere.

The R&B star always tries to connect with her listeners through her music, resulting in a constant uprising of streams on Spotify. Lois is on a spectacular rise this year, and the launch of SWIM is only the beginning of her domination!

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