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LISTEN: The First K-Pop Cumbia is Here – & It’s Epic

What happens when two musical forces from different parts of the world come together? You get a one-of-a-kind, cross-cultural fusion like the K-pop cumbia that MUSTB and Grupo Control just dropped. The rising K-pop group and norteño powerhouse collaborated on a bilingual remix of MUSTB’s single “La Señorita,” which came out earlier this month (April 8).

The remixed K-pop cumbia track, in which the members sing about an infatuating young woman that’s caught their eye, goes for a more relaxed production style. Instead of the original hip-hop beats, the song opts for studio drums, while the synths have been replaced with accordions to deliver that authentic cumbia vibe.

You might be thinking this is the most unexpected collaboration you’ve seen in a while, but Latine creatives have been working in the K-pop space for a while now. The story behind the “La Señorita” remix is just as wholesome as it is random. MUSTB, a five-member group made up of Doha, Taegeon, Wooyeon, Soohyun, and Sihoo, went viral when they uploaded a cover of “Tao Tao” on TikTok last year. Fans were thrilled to see the group pay homage to the classic song, which Grupo Control released in 1999 and has since become a party staple. 

Grupo Control made a surprise appearance at MUSTB’s concert in South Padre Island, TX, last Oct. and even danced with them on stage. Clearly, the love between the two groups was strong enough to send them into the studio for the remix.

“It feels like yesterday that we met in Texas, but it’s an honor to be with you again,” the band wrote on their official Twitter account. “I can’t wait to meet you again and make a stage together.”

As both K-pop and Latine music continues to gain massive popularity around the world, it’s only right that these two genres continue to intersect. We hope that there are more collaborations like these on the way!

Listen to the “La Señorita” remix featuring Grupo Control below.