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LISTEN: Snoop Dogg Sings a Corrido Tumbado With Fuerza Regida

Snoop Dogg’s love for música mexicana continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. On Friday (Sept. 17), the hip-hop legend jumped on a remix of Fuerza Regida’s hit “Me Acostumbre A Lo Bueno.”

Tío Snoop has shown his support for música mexicana many times throughout the years. In 2017, he posted a video singing along to the music of another Long Beach native, Jenni Rivera. In 2020, Snoop teamed up with corridos tumbados stars Natanael Cano and Ovi, and rapper Snow Tha Product for “Feeling Good.” Last month, he was spotted singing along to “El Rey” by Vicente Fernández. And now, he has teamed up with L.A.-based label Rancho Humilde.

As part of Rancho Humilde’s Corridos 100% Callejeros Vol. 1 album, Snoop recorded a remix of Fuerza Regida’s song “Me Acostumbre A Lo Bueno.” The song starts out as a banda-infused corrido tumbado like the original version until the halfway point when Snoop jumps on the track. A police siren goes off, and the production shifts to hip-hop beats with a Mexican flavor. “We on the west again / It wouldn’t be L.A. without Mexicans,” Snoop says. He also shouts out “Black love” and “brown pride” among his genre-bending bars. Snoop sounds at home on Fuerza Regida’s swaggering corrido.

The fans online are all for Snoop getting into the corrido world with Fuerza Regida. On Twitter, one fan wrote, “Snoop Dogg being on a Fuerza Regida remix is legendary as f**k.” In Spanish, another fan wrote, “I love Snoop Dogg and Fuerza Regida’s song. I love it.”

The Corridos 100% Callejeros Vol. 1 album also features songs from Victor Cibrian, Herencia de Patrones, Calle 24, and Ángel Tumbado. Rancho Humilde’s CEO Jimmy Humilde also has a new song on the compilation, which Snoop also hopped on its intro to give the boss some props. Fuerza Regida is currently touring arenas across the U.S. until late Dec. 

Check out Fuerza Regida and Snoop Dogg’s “Me Acostumbre A Lo Bueno (Remix)” below.