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LISTEN: Hombres G Releases New Version of ‘Te Quiero’ With Carin León

Hombres G is celebrating its 40th anniversary at large. The emblematic Spanish pop-rock band teamed up with Mexican crooner Carin León for a new version of “Te Quiero,” out today (Feb. 9).

“Te quiero, is one of our most iconic songs that has transcended time from ’86 until today,” Hombres G wrote online. “Bonding our hearts with Mexico – a wonderful country that is part of us – we are accompanied by our great friend @carinleonoficial in this new version.” 

On another social media post, León wrote: “Thank you for inviting me to be part of this, what an honor! 🙏🏼.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the new version of the romantic song takes a new spin with subtly different acoustic guitar sounds accompanying the signature tune. León’s vocal versatility shines through, seamlessly hitting the ranging notes that characterize the iconic melody. On the other hand, Hombres G vocalist David Summers sings the song as passionately as he always does while the melody takes on additional guitar chords that dance with the well-known tune. Overall, the new additions don’t take from the original track but add a special touch to the chord harmony.

Fans are excited about the new rendition of “Te Quiero.” A social media user wrote: “I love Carin Leon and Hombres G together so much.” Another social media user commented: “The song ‘Te quiero’ by Hombres G and Carin León will become a fucking anthem (more than it already was). Save this tweet.”

Up next, Hombres G is preparing for their upcoming 40th Anniversary Tour in the U.S. The 14-city tour will start in Hidalgo, TX, on March 6 and will wrap up in El Paso, TX, on July 13. León is preparing himself for two big music festivals in the U.S.: Coachella and Stagecoach.

Listen to the new version of “Te Quiero” below.