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LISTEN: ‘Drag Race Mexico’ Releases Girl Group Challenge Songs & We’re Obsessed

The music from the first season of “Drag Race México” is finally online. On Friday (Aug. 3), the songs in the girl group challenge by Las Meximamis and Las Palanquetas were released on streaming platforms.

On episode five of “Drag Race México,” the competing drag queens were divided up into two bands for the girl group challenge. Matraka picked Regina Voce, Serena Morena, and Margaret y Ya for Las Meximamis. Argennis assembled Las Palanquetas herself with Gala Varo, Cristian Peralta, and Lady Kero. Both groups recorded their own verses to the original song “Así Soy Yo.” The episode originally aired on July 20. 

Last week, Matraka revealed that both versions of the songs were finally released on music streaming platforms. “You asked for it!” she wrote. “Everyone listen to ‘Así Soy Yo’ with my Meximamis.

Here’s a spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode yet. Las Meximamis ended up doing a far better job in the girl group challenge, with all four drag queens slaying the competition with their fierce verses, especially Matraka and Margaret y Ya. Regina Voce, who previously competed in “Queen of the Universe,” showed off her vocal prowess in her verse. 

The fans are loving Las Meximamis as well. Their version of “Así Soy Yo” is the most-streamed song by the “Drag Race México” cast on Spotify as of press time.

On the other hand, Las Palanquetas paled in comparison with their version of “Así Soy Yo.” The star of their group was Gala Varo, who won the challenge alongside Matraka. 

For fans of the Rusical on “Drag Race México,” all the songs from the “Dragapulco Shore” sketch have been uploaded online as well. The most-streamed track from the musical on Spotify is “Pobre Chica.”

Currently, Gala Varo, Cristian Peralta, Regina Voce, Matraka, and Lady Kero are still in the race to be crowned “Mexico’s Next Drag Superstar.” “Drag Race México” streams new episodes every Thursday on Wow Presents Plus. 

Check out the girl group performances below.