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#LHHNY: Peter Gunz & Cisco Brawl, Jenn Gives PHresher Back His Ring, Mendeecees Is A Free Man

Love & Hip Hop: New York wrapped up its latest season, and it went out with some fireworks as well as some other moments.

We’re just going to get into the meat of this episode and focus on the best parts. Earlier, Oli and Cisco get into an argument over the fact he is now denying telling her that Rich stole money from her. Cisco wants to nip this whole situation in the bud and thinks Oli should talk with Rich. Initially, she is against the idea before she eventually warms up to it. Rich finally pops in, and the two of them get to discussing the song they are beefing over, and he claims Oli doesn’t have any publishing rights to it. She is not feeling that answer and walks away.

When she is out of the picture, Rich and Cisco start arguing with Rich, finally pulling out receipts that show the number of spins that “December” had, which was basically nothing and who did what on the track. Rich once again points out that he doesn’t owe Oli anything and that he pretty much paid for everything.

This leads us to Cisco getting over his convenient amnesia. While meeting up with Peter Gunz to shoot some hoops in the middle of the winter, he remembers Oli mentioning she was having some money issues. Cisco also says he never mentioned Rich’s name, but he did tell her how she could find out where the money she claimed she was being bamboozled out of was going. Peter then suggests that they should link up with Rich so he can tell him what Oli told her.

Now it’s time for the meeting. CIsco pulls up in an Uber XL while Rich and Peter are waiting for him in Rich’s car. The Creep Squad meeting starts off civil with Cisco revealing what exactly went down in the conversation between himself and Oli. Rich wasn’t too bothered but says Cisco should have told him that revelation a day or two after he spoke with Ol, but he understands why Cisco didn’t. BUT Rich did have a petty move up his sleeve to get back at Cisco.

Rich uses the moment to reveal that Peter’s baby mama, Amina, slept at Cisco’s house during Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta. Cisco explains that Amina had nowhere to go after her friend left her, so he offered her a place to stay, and that’s all that happened. Peter isn’t buying what Cisco is selling and asks would it have been okay for him to have Cisco’s baby mother stay at his crib and the two “friends” brawl. They were eventually separated by security, but it looks like the Creep Squad is done.

Other moments that happened on the mid-season finale include:

Jenn reveals she only accepted PHresher’s proposal because she didn’t want to make him look bad in front of everyone. PHresher gets upset and says he is done.

Erica goes into labor, and Safaree has to rush from New York back to Atlanta. He magically makes it back in time to witness the birth of their daughter.

Finally, Love & Hip Hop’s worst-kept secret is confirmed, Mendeecees is now a free man and Yandy and his mother go to pick him up from prison.

Of course, Twitter had thoughts on what they witnessed, you can peep all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo:  Shareif Ziyadat / Getty