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LGBTQ Artists Are Leading Brazilian Pop Culture

When the 2022 Coachella lineup was announced with Grupo Firme and Harry Styles, set to play on the Fridays of the weekend (April 15 and April 22), the convo surrounding the two on social media went wild (See why here). Thankfully, as we dive into weekend two of Coachella, it seems the two music acts might have a big reason to come together on stage. On Thursday night via Amazon Music exclusively, the Mexican band released a cover of Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” as an Amazon Original, suitably titled “Sabes a Tequila.” 

It might not be the collab we hoped for with both artists on the track, but it’s enough and one we love out of the Regional Mexican heartthrobs. Honestly, even if you aren’t a fan of Styles, it’s impossible not to get down with this version. 

The cover redefines the hit with full-on banda melodies, molding into Firme’s classic sound while holding onto a corrido feel. Interestingly enough, it still has that sweet tinge that Styles so delicately placed on the track, allowing the two artists to intertwine their sonics. “No es tomar por tomar/si en tu boca yo me quiero enborrachar. Sabes a tequila, ay,” Caz sings in place of Styles’ “I’m just thinking out loud. I don’t know if I could ever go without. Watermelon sugar, high!”

The rendition was brought to life by the bands craving to perform a cover at Coachella, and who better to do than Styles himself, set to headline the same night. With this release came some hilarious memes in the Twitter-verse of fans who adore Latin music and pop culture equally, celebrating how iconic it would be to see these two on stage concurrently. Then, of course, Latine TikTok and Twitter shared their opinions on the cover and the possible collaboration, celebrating what it would be like to see Styles in a full-on norteño fit. 


And just as you imagined, the Tweet shows harry in a head to toe norteño fit with the Firme boys. 

Another Twitter user hopes it might be Grupo Firme themselves who join Styles during his set at Coachella: “harry styles special guest is grupo firme.”

The cover comes ahead of the group’s stadium tour this summer across America. So we can’t help but wonder if Grupo Firme will play “Sabes a Tequila” on tour ​​— fans can only dream, but at least we have a Styles-like banda hit in our midst. With everything aside, the collaboration is a beautiful sentiment of how two worlds in mainstream Pop and Latine music can collide, making a seamless hit once again. For all the Coachella goers, stopping by Grupo Firme’s set to catch the cover is necessary. And for everyone else at home, you can now find the Amazon Music track. Get your sandía sugar high while you can!