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Esty Found Her Happy Place Through Her Own Music

The bachata superstar Romeo Santos has given us today the first taste of his upcoming album with “Sus Huellas,” a heartbreaking bachata ballad on a day that’s supposed to be all about love. Yes, he is making us emotional on Valentine’s Day. “Sus Huellas” is the lead single off his upcoming Formula series: Formula Vol. 3, the previous installment being released back in 2014.

When we say that the video gets dark, we mean both visually and metaphorically. In this dark shot action-type motion film of a music video, we start off seeing him emotionally distressed in a bathtub, instantly creating the cryptic tone of what’s to come. Through dim lights he shows his deep and presumably untreated cuts that turned into rough scars — scars that throughout the music video and lyrics also serve as metaphors that describe his emotional baggage left by past relationships. Upon meeting his new partner, he asks her to help him forget about his old lovers. “Espero que tomes la iniciativa /A deshacerme estragos de dolor /A sacarme sus secuelas de mi cuerpo [I hope you will take the initiative /To undo the ravages of pain /To remove its aftermath from my body]” Santos sings, which, spoiler alert: the female protagonist actually does in the ending scene, scalpel and all. 

Vol. 2 of his Formula series was reportedly the best-selling Latin album of the year when released. It consisted of mega collaborations with pop stars such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony, and Carlos Santana. With that in mind, could it be that he will feature 2022’s biggest names in both U.S. and Latine pop culture on his upcoming album?

Twitter users are full of excitement with this first release, even if they got them all in their feelings — especially it being Valentine’s Day and all.

One Twitter user commented: “The king of bachata is back with everything. I love you.”

We are ready to listen to the rest of what the “King of Bachata” is going to be releasing this year. But Romeo, please let it be romantic and full of love!

Watch the music video for “Sus Huellas” below.