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LEFTI releases groovy house heater ‘Get What You Want’

The genius behind LEFTI’s beats is Alex Suarez, a multi-talented artist – a touring musician, DJ, and songwriter. Today, his reputation as a cornerstone of the house scene transcends Brooklyn’s borders. With a robust discography featuring releases on Toolroom, Love & Other, and Let There Be House, Suarez’s trajectory has always been in ascension.

Hot on the heels of chart-topping singles like “To The Rhythm,” “411,” and “Walk The Walk,” the artist known as LEFTI, delivers another sonic smash with “Get What You Want.” Teaming up with Brandon Markell Holmes, best known for his collaborations with The Gorillaz and Muscle Cars, “Get What You Want” is an electrifying blend of classic funk vibes and modern-day house elements.

Holmes lends a distinctive touch to the track, intertwining his monologue into the mix with a hint of playful audacity. The collaboration emerges as a seamless blend of both their worlds, with Brandon’s unique vocal texture elevating LEFTI’s tried and true tech house upbringing.