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Image of Rels B singer of Un Rodeoooo

Latin Music Latest-Spotlight on New Releases from Rels B, Myriam Hernandez, and More

As Latin urban music expands its foothold in the mainstream market, Residente remains a dominant force, celebrated for his profound lyricism in the rap scene. His distinctive style is a blend of edgy, sarcastic delivery that is simultaneously fun and fierce. In his most recent release, Residente asserts his superior lyrical prowess, putting forth a formidable challenge to fellow Puerto Rican rapper Cosculluela with his lyrics, “Ya nadie en el género urbano sonríe conmigo que sus dientes me los puse de collar.”

Myriam Hernández, gearing up to release her upcoming album, offers a first taste with her debut single, which is an elegant fusion of her pop roots and mariachi music’s dynamism. The track, “Nos lo hemos dicho todo,” is an ageless anthem about a couple’s enduring love despite the occasional turbulence, setting a timeless, classic tone amid a sea of ever-changing trends.

Rel B is preparing for the launch of his highly-anticipated studio album, Afrolova. Preceding its release, he teases fans with “Un Rodeoooo,” a sensual Afrobeats and bachata fusion track. The song encapsulates a narrative about a captivating encounter with a stunning girl at a party. The Spanish artist and rapper shared that Afrolova will be a revolutionary project for the Afrobeats genre.

Ryan Castro captivates with his recent release “Quema,” in collaboration with Peso Pluma. The enchanting old-school perreo track embodies Castro’s signature style of crafting catchy songs. The track is part of Castro’s forthcoming album, El Cantante Del Ghetto, and is sure to secure a place in the charts, especially with the star power of Peso Pluma.

Finally, Manuel Carrasco collaborates with Colombian boyband Morat to reimagine his popular single, “Hasta por la mañana.” The revised version emanates a powerful optimistic message about living in the present, resilience, and moving forward. The accompanying music video mirrors the song’s uplifting spirit, capturing the energetic performances of the artists and their interaction with fans. This vibrant collaboration marks Morat’s return to the recording studio during their “Si Ayer Fuera Hoy” World Tour.